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16-02-29 St. Lukes--ACHRNews (print).pdf

ACHR News - APCO Rack System 13.2.pdf

ACHR News - Free UV Trial 14.1.pdf

ACHRNews - Free UV Trial 14.2.pdf

 - Free UV-C Demonstration Trial Program 14.1.pdf

ASHRAE Journal - APCO Rack 14.1.pdf

Architectural Products - APCO Rack Sys 13.4.pdf

Cleaning & Maintenance - Reducing HVAC Coil Cleaning Costs 13.4.pdf

Climate Control ME - AHG tests Fresh-Aire’s APCO air purifier 13.4.pdf

Climate Control ME - How to Optimize the Effect of HVAC UV Lamps 13.5.pdf

ComfortTech Showcase - Ice UV 14.2.pdf

Condo Business - Shining an Ultra-Violet Light on IAQ 14.9.pdf

Construction Canada - Saving Energy 12.10.pdf

Contracting Business - Blue-Calc 13.6.pdf

Engineered Systems - APCO Rack 13.2.pdf

Engineered Systems - Hot Yoga 13.8.pdf

Engineered Systems - UV Technology Eases Hospices IAQ Concerns 15.1.pdf

Engineered Systems
 - Kansas hospital achieves big city IAQ, efficiency 14.1.pdf

Engineered Systems
Kansas hospital achieves big city IAQ, efficiency COVER.pdf

FMJ July-Aug 2016 Engel.pdf

Foodservice Consultant
 - UV Light for Ice Machine Contamination 15.1.pdf

HPAC Engineering Mag - APCO Rack System 13.3.pdf

HVAC Insider - Free UV-C Demonstration Trial Program for Commercial 14.2.pdf

HVAC-P - BlueCalc 14.1.pdf

HVACP Summer16 FreshAire UV.pdf

HVACR Business - FA UV Introduces Light Design Analysis Service 13.5.pdf

Healthcare Facilities Today - Geary Hospital HVAC system 13.5.pdf

Hotel Lodging Engineer - 
Reducing Hotel HVAC Maintenance Costs with UV 14.1.pdf

Industrial Equipment News - Blue Calc 13.4.pdf

Infection Control Today - UV Installation Cuts HVAC Maintenance Costs and Increases IAQ 15.2.pdf

Medical Construction - Combining Air Purification Methods 13.7.pdf

Medical Construction - Tubular Rack System 13.5.pdf

REMI Network - Improving indoor air quality 14.5.pdf

RSES Journal - Keeping Coils Clean with UVGI 13.4.pdf

RSES Journal - REDUCING the COST of Ice-machine Mold Cleanups 14.8.pdf

RSES Journal - Test Lab Looks at UV 13.3.pdf

RSES Journal 
OA Reductions Can Cut Facility Energy Costs 15.2.pdf

The ACHR NEWS Exhaust Odors April 2020.pdf

The NEWS - UV Effectively Contains Airborne Pathogens 15.9.pdf

Thomasnet - Control Panel Monitors Commercial UV System 15.5.pdf

Today's AC - Free UV Trial 14.2.pdf

Todays AC - Fresh-Aire UV Introduces APCO Rack System 13.2.pdf

Todays AC - Pet Care Facility Cuts Odors HVAC Costs 15.10.pdf

Todays AC - Recycling Plant Eliminates Mold in Ice Machine 15.5.pdf

Todays AC - UV Installation Cuts Maintenance Costs & Increases IAQ in Hospice 15.2.pdf

Todays AC - UVGI Provides Maintenance & Energy Savings 13.12.pdf


ACHR-News - 123 Punch 12.4.pdf

Condo Management - Indoor Air Quality 12.9.pdf

HVAC Xchanger - Rep of Year 14.3.pdf

HVAC-P - Rep of Year 14.1.pdf

Intro-Use-of-UV-Light 2002.pdf

Keep AHUs Clean - Bottom Line Green 2011.pdf

Pet Product News - Air Purifier Keeps Pets and People Happy 15.5.pdf

RSES Journal - APCO 14.3.pdf

Snips Magazine - Rep of Year 13.4.pdf

The Wholesaler Magazine - Rep of Year 13.4.pdf

Todays AC - Third-Party Test Lab Proves UV 13.4.pdf

UV Filtration 2006.pdf

UV Tool For Contractors 2005.pdf

ashrae 2017 show daily-dl.pdf


RSES Journal - Low Voltage UV Lights 08.2.pdf