Agriculture operations, both large and small, face a unique set of challenges from mold, fungus, bacteria and diseases that are caused by cross-contamination, airborne contamination and sanitary conditions within growing and processing facilities. HVAC equipment, in particular, can be a major source of contamination. Fortunately, Fresh-Aire UV offers a variety of disinfection solutions for agriculture.

Ag facilities benefit from this technology in several ways:

  • Air Handler Disinfection
  • Air Stream Disinfection
  • Surface Applications
  • Exhaust Odor Control

Air Handler Disinfection

An air handler (AHU) distributes conditioned air throughout the facility. Within the AHU an evaporator coil, drain pan and surrounding surfaces are a breeding-ground for problematic mold and fungus. Fresh-Aire UV high-output germicidal UV-C systems are essential to maintain a clean, efficient, safe and sterile air system. This is an exceptionally cost effective way to address microbial contamination including mildew & bacteria. Fresh-Aire UV offers Airborne Duct System (ADS) is ideal for AHU and air stream disinfection for applications with greater than 10 air-changes per hour. Number of air-changes per hour will significantly effect air stream disinfection rates.

Air handler disinfection systems:
Blue-Tube XL (BTXL)
Standard Commercial UV System (TUVC)
Tubular Rack System (TRS)

Air Stream Disinfection

Another popular application for high-output germicidal UV light is sterilization of (unoccupied) room surfaces. It is critical for facilities such as hospitals, veterinary clinics, and food processing centers to limit the spread of biological contaminants as much as possible. UVGI addresses the need for surface disinfection in spaces that are prone to biological contamination or where biohazards must be kept to an absolute minimum.

Airborne disinfection system:
Airborne Duct System (ADS)

Surface Applications

UV-C light can also be used to disinfect agricultural products, processing equipment and work surfaces. UV-C light is shined on fruit or produce as they pass by on a conveyor. This also causes a hormetic reaction (or stress response) which makes the produce more resistant to disease, improves shelf-life and increases level of anti-oxidants.

Surface disinfection systems:
Environmental Surface Disinfection System (ESDS)
Airborne Duct System (ADS)

Exhaust Odor Control

An unfortunate by-product of some agricultural operations is high levels of offensive odors which can effect surrounding areas. Fortunately, Fresh-Aire UV has a solution. The Odor Exhaust Oxidation System (OEO) uses high-output UV-C light to address problem odors that are being exhausted to the outside air. The system is very cost-effective with little to no maintenance required other than lamp replacement. 

Coil disinfection + Odor/VOC control:
APCO Rack System (ARS)