Add the APCO Rack Kit to the Fresh-Aire UV Commercial Core System to neutralize odors and toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds) In the airstream. The APCO Rack Kit features the same carbon catalyst cells as the award-winning residential APCO® family of air treatment systems. The combination of UV-C light with our proprietary carbon cells transforms odor-causing VOC molecules into harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide without the use of harmful ozone.


  • Neutralizes odor-causing VOCs in the airstream
  • Lifetime Carbon Catalyst Cells
  • Does not product harmful ozone
  • Sized for 18, 24, 32, 46, and 60 inch lamps


  • Removes odors & toxic VOCs from indoor air
  • Improves indoor air quality


APCO Kit Specs  |   APCO Kit Manual   |   APCO Kit Info & Images

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