Tight-Fit Kit

Tight-Fit Kit makes it possible to realize all the benefits of germicidal UV light in limited space applications including most of the fan coil units and PTACs found on the market today. Tight-Fit Kit features a low-profile lamp on a metal shield with a mounting magnet. The magnet mount allows the UV light to be located precisely for optimum UV exposure particularly where space is limited.


  • Ideal for PTACs and Fan Coil Units
  • Weather resistant remote mountable UV lamps
  • Magnetic mounting shield
  • 110-277 VAC electronic power supply
  • 2 Year UV-C lamp life
  • Lifetime Warranty on all parts except lamp


  • Kills airborne viruses, mold, & bacteria
  • Provides a healthier indoor environment
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Extends life of HVAC system