The need to protect occupied spaces from airborne pathogens has never been greater. Fortunately, Fresh-Aire UV germicidal lights have been proven to neutralize viruses, mold, and bacteria within seconds of exposure.

The Fresh-Aire UV Aire-Foil features 15” – 60” high-output UVC lamps and is wall-mounted near ceiling height. Upper air UV-C disinfection is an ideal method to mitigate the spread of microorganisms in occupied spaces. As air naturally heats and cools it moves by convection, which continuously circulates it throughout the space. Airborne viruses and bacteria are sterilized when exposed to the UVC light field.

The Aire-Foil unit is installed at a minimum height of 7’ and is designed with louvers that shield occupants from UV exposure by projecting UVC light rays parallel to the plane of the ceiling.

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  • Louvered UVC light is safe for occupied spaces
  • Produces no harmful ozone


  • Neutralizes airborne viruses & bacteria
  • APCO technology for odor and VOC reduction


  • Air convection for silent operation


  • Dual High-output UVC germicidal lamp length: 15”, 24”, 32”, or 60”
  • Quick & simple installation
  • 2 year UVC lamp life


  • Double corrosion protection with .024” galvanized steel construction and powder coat finish
  • PAF – Paint After Fabrication
  • All smooth and rounded corners

Lifetime Warranty:

  • Ensures years of trouble free operation

Neutralizes Mold, Bacteria, Viruses, and Allergens

The unique germ-killing properties of UVC light have been known for over a century. UVC in sunlight is filtered by the Earth’s atmosphere so microbes have no defense against it. Aire Foil has been proven to neutralize viruses, mold, and bacteria within seconds of exposure.