The Environmental Surface Disinfection System (ESDS) addresses the need for surface disinfection in spaces that are prone to biological contamination or where biohazards (such as SARS-CoV-2) must be kept to an absolute minimum. 

ESDS uses germicidal UVC light to disinfect room surfaces when the area is unoccupied. The system features overhead mounted high-output germicidal UVC light fixtures. Each unit comes with an internal electronic power supply. The Fresh-Aire UV lamps included with ESDS are of the highest quality hard quartz and are encased in a shatter-proof Teflon safety coating.

Because UVC light is dangerous to human skin and eyes the ESDS system only comes on when the area is unoccupied. A timer can be used for start and stop times. Additional safety features can include door-mounted interlock switches to prevent accidental exposure.

ESDS Specs  |  ESDS Manual

Fresh-Aire UV Ozone-Free