Ice machine maintenance has become easier, safer, and more cost-effective with ICE UV™. UV-C light works continuously to sterilize viruses, mold, and other dangerous pathogens that thrive inside the dark, damp, cool interiors of ice machines. The ICE UV™ system is designed to produce just the right amount of UV-C light; enough to sterilize microbial contaminants including mold, viruses & bacteria without damaging plastic materials inside the ice machine.

Ice UV Specs  | Ice UV Manual


  • 2 yr. water-resistant germicidal UV-C lamp
  • Shatter-resistant Teflon® lamp coating 
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts except lamp
  • 110-277 VAC electronic power supply
  • Movable mounting bracket and shield 
  • Multi-lamp configurations for lrg. systems


  • Effective against mold, bacteria & viruses
  • Cleans ice machine continuously 
  • Reduces health risks & liability
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduce biological odors