APCO is the award-winning air cleaning technology that combines the power of UV-C light with (6) activated carbon cells. APCO RT is designed for smaller ducts, with a shorter UV lamp and 4 rather than 6 carbon cells, and features a remote power supply. APCO RT neutralizes odors and toxic VOCs, and sterilizes microbial contaminants in the air and air system. APCO models include low-voltage (18-32 VAC) or high-voltage (110-277 VAC) power supplies and a one or two year lamp.

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TUV-APCO-RT-ER (18-32 VAC,1-Year UV Lamp)
TUV-APCO-RT-ER2 (18-32 VAC, 2-Year UV Lamp)
TUV-APCO-RT-ST (120-277  VAC,1-Year UV Lamp)
TUV-APCO-RT-DT (120-277  VAC, 1-Year UV Lamp + 2nd remote UV light for coils)
TUV-APCO-RT-ST2 (120-277  VAC,2-Year UV Lamp)
TUV-APCO-RT-DT2 (120-277  VAC, 2-Year UV Lamp + 2nd remote UV light for coils)