Nowhere is environmental safety more important than in schools and educational facilities. Indoor air quality is a critical factor in keeping students and teachers safe. And because budgets for education are always tight, it’s also important to control the cost of operating and maintaining HVAC equipment in these facilities.

The Commercial Core System is installed inside the HVAC system at the cooling coil. It suppresses efficiency-robbing biofilm on the coil and can reduce the need for costly cleaning and maintenance. It also improves indoor air quality (IAQ) by inactivating airborne biological pathogens as they pass through the system.

If indoor air quality is the highest priority consider the duct-mounted ADS System. It’s orientation (parallel to the air stream) results in higher UVC exposure time, maximizing inactivation of airborne pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, mold, and allergens.

Campus residence units often feature PTAC or Fan Coil HVAC units which, like all HVAC systems are prove to mold growth. Our Tight-Fit Kit provides UVC disinfection with a smaller footprint and is ideal for both.

If particulate indoor air pollution is a concern consider our Purity Low-Profile polarized filtration system. It is 97% effective capturing particles down to .3 microns (.00001 inch).