Purity Low Profile (PLP)

1” Polarized HVAC Filtration System

The Fresh-Aire UV® Purity Low Profile Polarized Filtration System (PLP) offers relief from particulate indoor air pollution. It is the perfect retrofit to replace your HVAC filter with a high efficiency whole-house air filtration system.
• UV-reactive filter media with Goldshield™ antimicrobial nanotechnology
• Captures particulates, allergens, pet dander, dust mites, spores, etc.
• 97% effective capturing particles down to .3 microns (.00001 inch)
• Low-cost media replacement (*3-6 months on average)
• Fits standard 1” filter slot
• Lifetime system warrantyLifetime Warranty = All Parts Except Lamps


Combine PLP with other Fresh-Aire UV products such as APCO and Blue-Tube UV for a comprehensive IAQ solution.


No Worries!

We are so confident in the quality of our design and manufacturing that this product comes with a lifetime warranty.

PLP Media

Purity Low Profile filter media is designed to be easy to install. Each replacement pack comes with two collector pads. Just power down the system, open the frame and replace the pad by sliding it onto the electrode.

Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution divides roughly into thirds. PLP captures particulates like a conventional filter, only much more efficiently. Conventional HVAC filters only capture the largest particles. Unfortunately, it’s the fine particulates that are the greater threat. There are costly filter systems on the market which capture fine particles but they require expensive retrofitting and tend to restrict air-flow, which increases static pressure resulting in reduced HVAC efficiency and energy loss. PLP offers high-efficiency polarized filtration with low static pressure which provides continuous (multiple pass) high-efficiency filtration.