Available from Licensed HVAC Contractors

Sold & Installed by Licensed HVAC Contractors

If you do not already have an HVAC contractor/service company or the one you have doesn’t sell our products we will help you find one in your area. They will help you choose the model that is the best match for your particular air system and needs. Simply click on the “Homeowner Contact” button below and fill out the form.

UV Lamp Replacements & Upgrades

Fresh-Aire UV products come with either one or two year UV-C lamps. Although the lamp may continue to glow past its expiration date its germ-killing effectiveness drops off quickly after expiration. Also, many Fresh-Aire UV products can be upgraded; Blue-Tube and AHU systems can be upgraded with APCO cells and one year lamps can be replaced with two year models (a better value). The HVAC contractor who sold you the system can replace the lamp and inform you about available upgrades. If you need to find an HVAC contractor/service company in your area please fill out the form below.

Why Can’t I Install It Myself?

Safety. These devices are perfectly safe if properly installed inside the air system but UV-C light is intense and can damage unprotected skin and eyes within seconds so HOMEOWNERS SHOULD NOT INSTALL THEM. They also need to be properly integrated into the HAVC system and safely connected to the correct electrical power source. WARNING! installation by anyone other than a licensed contractor VOIDS WARRANTY.