Fresh-Aire Ice UV

Sanitizing UV Light for Ice Machines

Public health officials and the public at large have become increasingly alarmed at reports of bacteria and mold in ice machines. Research shows that these machines are an ideal breeding ground for mold and other biological contaminants.

In the past, frequent applications of cleansers and chemicals were required to keep the inside of ice machines sanitary. This process is costly and time consuming.

Now, with the introduction of the FRESH-AIRE ICE UV™ germicidal ultraviolet light system, ice machine maintenance has become easier, safer, and more cost-effective. Ultraviolet light kills mold and other microbes before they become established reducing the need for machine maintenance.

Purity 3 stages

Ice UV sterilizes mold and bacteria that live and breed in ice machines

UV-C light exposure has proven to be a highly effective means of reducing a wide range of biological contaminants including germs, bacteria, viruses, and allergens. This technology is used in water purification systems, industrial and commercial HVAC systems, in hospitals and in the food industry.